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We are a little bit obsessed with brows at Blush! We do ALOT of brow treatments, and our most popular is most certainly our HD BROW treatment. You clients just can’t get enough of this treatment and the amazing home care products we stock. We’ve been doing HD’s for a few years now and whilst we know this treatment inside out, we never stop learning! So during our refurbishment i sent Ellie and Emily off to Yorkshire to the HD Brow Training Academy to do the HD ‘Pro’ Artist training course. We are already trained HD Brow Stylists, but the ‘Pro’ Course is the next level. The girls learnt advanced techniques and were assessed on their HD skills, and of course both passed with flying colours! 

They brushed up on their existing skills, including the correct colour tint selection process, tailored to suit each client, how to accurately design the new brow shape for the client and remove unwanted hairs with advanced wax, tweezing and threading techniques, How to precisely trim unruly brow hairs and create a sleek gorgeous brow and how to educate clients on the correct growth program needed to suit the clients individual needs. Of course every HD treatment is finished off with the application of the desired HD Brow finishing products, and so on their course the girls learnt about the latest products in the HD Brow range and how to select the correct products to suit the brow created and to suit the clients needs, aswell as being able to demonstrate easy techniques for applying brow pencils and powders etc, that our clients can continue to do themselves at home, aswell as more advanced techniques that we can do in the salon for clients when they want that extra special looking brow.

All of these skills, we learnt on our initial HD Brow training but this PRO course took the girls to the next level and has set us above other HD artists. 

If you are interested in our HD Brow treatment then why not give us a call and we can talk to you about it in more detail. Also keep an eye out for our HD Brow blog coming up over the next few weeks.

Jen x


HD Brows Academy




Inside the Academy…


Ellie and Emily…training selfie!


Emily completing a consultation with her client on training…


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